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For Schools - Kids Draw Bob - drawing-sessionsHow can a school benefit from hosting a drawing session with KDB?

Learning can happen anytime and anywhere. While a good portion of learning begins at home, schools are the foundational establishments responsible for educating and shaping the minds of children as early as age 3. However, with great power comes great responsibility! Parents not only rely on schools to help teach their children their ABC’s and 123’s, but also teach right from wrong, proper manners, how to handle social encounters and much more!

Needless to say, ALL aspects of education are important. However, the issue we are faced with today is not necessarily “which” aspects of education are important, but rather, “how” important each aspect is. The prioritization of subjects throughout our school careers until now, has primarily remained the same. The subjects of Math, Science, History, Reading & English have always (and will remain) the most prioritized subjects children are taught in school. This is not to say that they shouldn’t! However, there is a subject that has frequently been overlooked in its relation to the importance of a balanced education. Art.

Art class is typically the class that draws the short straw when it comes to school fundamentals. Not necessarily by choice, but by default through the lack of school funding, supplies, and other various factors. As a child, an art class can be one of the most enjoyable, yet educational ways to learn. Not only in learning how to create something new, but to learn about YOURSELF! Yourself, as in the details of your character that get lost among the multiplication tables and vocabulary words. These details are what make us unique and allow us to express ourselves in a way we sometimes can’t with words alone. 

“As an adult, you may not remember the art class you took in elementary school or high school, but you do remember it was FUN!”

For Schools - Kids Draw Bob - art-suppliesArt Therapy has been recognized by health organizations worldwide for its benefits on mental health and impact on behavior and emotional disorders like anxiety, depression and ADHD. Kids Draw Bob believes that working with schools to offer free drawing sessions to students will help improve mental health and ultimately work towards the goal of art becoming a PRIORITY amidst other fundamentals. We are here to help schools say “Mental health is just as important as academic success” even if it cannot funded by the city. 

The drawing techniques taught during a KDB Illustration session focus on awareness, resilience, relaxation, and many other mental health benefits. Throughout the session, we help to build confidence in kids about their own ability to create art, be comfortable making mistakes, and use art to reduce stress and anxiety. By hosting an illustration session with Kids Draw Bob, your school will be able to offer your students an extra lesson in character development and creativity they will benefit from for years to come.


Which grade levels will KDB conduct Illustration Sessions for?
Kids Draw Bob offers in-school illustration sessions for grades 1 through 5.

What is the minimum class size to host an Illustration Session? Maximum?
30 is the minimum number of students needed to host an illustration session. No maximum!

What is our Facility required to provide on the Day of the Illustration Session?

  1. A room/classroom for the presentatio
  2. A blank wall or screen to project the drawing lesson [The Illustrator will require a min. 8 ft x 15 ft space for proper setup]
  3. A faculty member present one-hour prior to session time to accompany us to the presentation area for setup. (If your facility is locked during the day, please have a faculty member present upon our arrival to grant entry to the building)
  4. Parking space near the facility entrance to unload equipment 

Please contact our Illustration Coordinator or contact us with additional questions regarding facility capacity or special arrangements. 

How much time will KDB need for setup prior to the session?
One hour

What Will KDB provide during the Illustration Session?
We will provide each student with a KDB sketchbook and pen to use during the session. KDB will also bring projector equipment so that the students can follow along with the artist during the guided illustration. 

What are the ideal times to host an illustration session? 
We believe that our illustration sessions work best after recess or after lunchtime as we have found that children are most receptive and focused during these times!  

Is it okay if Parents join the session?
Parents are not encouraged to attend, however, feel free to join if your child has a special accommodation that may require your attention! 

Will KDB take photographs or video of my children during the session?
If KDB would like the session to be a photo/video opportunity, it will be arranged prior to the illustration session with full consent from the school. 

Will there be any flickering or flashing lights during the Illustration Session?
No, KDB does not use any flash effects during the illustration session.

Are students required to draw?
While we encourage kids to participate, no child will be forced to partake in the illustration session. 

Can kids eat during the session?
Kids are discouraged to eat during the illustration session to better focus on the lesson at hand!

Does KDB accommodate Special Needs students? 
Yes! Please provide our Illustration Coordinator with details regarding any special arrangements needed during the Illustration Session.

Liability in Case of Accidents 
Any injury, loss, damage or other liability arising from the services performed by KDB will be indemnified by the hosting facility.

How do I request a visit?
To request an Illustration session at your school, please contact us!