Who We Are


Jon Bowerman
President and Illustrator

"The energy in a room of children who've found the confidence to create is enough to want to do it a million times over."

Jon is a published children’s book illustrator and currently the CTO and Co-Founder of a digital marketing company, High Level Marketing. Jon’s passion for the arts in schools stem from an early age with some of the most influential people in his life being art teachers. It was within art, Jon found one of the best ways to focus, stay calm, experience happiness, and ignite creativity.   Jon is currently a father of two and married to his wife, Elise. All of whom continue to be an inspiration everyday.

Who We Are - Kids Draw Bob - bio-jon

Deana Azzoo
Vice President and Operations

From an early start in banking to marketing, the well-being and positive experience of others has always been at the forefront of Deana’s priority list. Her love for nurturing children and truly interacting with them at their level is unique. Even with a full professional work calendar, Deana always made time to babysit. With her love of giving children undivided attention, Deana would help foster the creativity and imagination of those kids she interacted with, leaving them with life long skills and confidence. In times of stress, Deana would turn to adult coloring books, DIY crafts or a simple blank notebook & pen to help relax, inspire, and heal her mind. Her passion for art and the future generations of our world motivates Deana to bring her all to Kids Draw Bob everyday.

Who We Are - Kids Draw Bob - bio-deana