Deana Azzoo - Why I'm Dedicated to Kids Draw Bob

Coming from a large family, I feel as if I've been around kids my whole life! I had my first babysitting job when I was 13 and since then, have spent many of my adult years finding different ways to entertain kids without technology (...yes, it's been hard at times!) 
Of all the activities, arts & crafts always had a way of bringing out so much personality and creativity in kids and by far was the most fun! Any time the kids spent coloring or drawing taught them a little more about themselves, helped them focus, and encouraged them to get their imaginative ideas on paper.  
Through these art-inspired lessons of confidence & resilience, I can say that I have truly seen the positive effects of art in the mental health of children and believe art has a special effect in creating genuine, wholesome happiness. 
I am dedicated to Kids Draw Bob because I believe that a child's mental health is something that can be nurtured by parents, teachers, friends, and family. People in numbers make a difference, and by bringing awareness to a powerful purpose, we can take the first step in advancing the society we live in for a brighter future. 
Deana Azzoo
Vice-President and Operations